The Hyena Man of Harar

Every night, outside the gates of the ancient walled city of Harar in Ethiopia, the Hyena Man sets up shop and provides travellers with a heart pounding thrill.

The hyenas show up in large numbers for their dinner, the Hyena Man sings the pack a song or two and then begins feeding them slices of meat one-by-one from a stick in his mouth.

After watching him perform this a few times, travellers have the opportunity to pay the Hyena Man a little money and feed the hyenas as well.

This nightly ritual began years ago, after hyenas attacked and killed some children in Harar.  The people of Harar decided to keep the hyenas in the area well fed so that they wouldn’t attack again.

Years later, it’s an attraction for visitors exploring the ancient city.  I’d definitely go watch the Hyena Man do his thing, but I’m not sure if I could feed one of those beasts…..would you?