Remembering MCA

When Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch passed away last week, in a strange way it was like losing a friend.  The Beastie Boys had been my soundtrack as a teenager, starting with the Ill Communication album.  I got the album through Columbia House, remember the 8 CDs for a penny deal.  Then Hello Nasty dropped in ’98, my friend got it on vinyl, and some days after school we would just sit in his room and spin it till dinner time.

The Beasties’ rhymes are party-friendly, funny & bizarre, but even within that context MCA was able to raise issues that needed to be addressed. Whether it be advocating equality and respect for women or bringing attention to the oppression of the Tibetan people under China’s rule, these messages just made the music stronger.

As I was reflecting on Adam’s passing, I thought of another band that made a huge impression on me a few years before the Beastie Boys.

That same friend and I used to sit in my basement almost every day after school playing Super Nintendo and listening to The Beatles – Live at the BBC double album and Sgt. Pepper’s over and over.

This post was originally titled ‘A Fab Day in Liverpool’ and was going to be about Beatles sights in Liverpool, that post will come tomorrow.

RIP Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch

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